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A show about nothing is how Seinfeld has always been described. During their fourth season, they had the character George Costanza literally pitch a show with this same concept. And now, here, nearly thirty years later, we pitch something a little different: a zine about nothing.

The George Costanza is a zine about nothing, but it’s also about those nothings that we consider something. They’re real life frustrations and observations that should be spoken aloud. They’re a reminder that life isn’t all cute plots and people trying to be good. So, in celebration of nothing, we are creating something.

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The word porn brings to mind many things- giant cocks, bad acting, funky bass- but rarely is “art” one of them. In For A Good Time…, hosts Juan Barquin and Isabelle Arf talk sex and the silver screen, bringing their cinephile eyes to work that rarely gets a second glance. From cock rings to crossfades, from inflation fetish to Marxist aesthetics, from huge racks to rack focus, Juan and Isabelle tease out the personal, political, and cultural value of the least respected billion dollar industry, and show it is as much a mirror as it is a peepshow.

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Flaming Classics electrifies the movie-going experience through a curated film series, pairing films from the queer canon with live performances from local drag artists to create a one-of-a-kind event for South Florida. Infused with a sense of social activism, community building, and fun, the series aspires to entertain and educate.

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