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Schoenbrun, a nonbinary creator themself, has been overjoyed at the reception by viewers and critics alike at the festival, and is aware that the film is opening up a conversation around what it means to create a “trans film” that isn’t what many might expect from the label. Bitch spoke with Schoenbrun about the film, dysphoria, and how the internet shapes our identities.


John Waters has become a wonderful staple at the Miami Book Fair over the years. The pope of trash previously blessed the Magic City with his presence in 2010 and 2014 in support of his books Role Models and Carsick. He's set to return this year with his latest memoir, Mr. Know-It-All. Waters' most recent tome picks up where Shock Value left off — covering the aftermath of the production of Desperate Living before sliding into the making of his films Polyester, Hairspray, Cry-Baby, and beyond.


If you've seen director Trey Edward Shults' first two features — Krisha and It Comes at Night — you might have certain expectations for his latest feature, Waves. Where those two films exist as quasi-chamber dramas, the musically driven Waves, exploring South Florida with a camera that never seems able to rest, is an ambitious and grand-scale departure from his previous work.


On the heels of the film's release, the director spoke with Hyperallergic's Juan Barquin about navigating the gaps inherent to emigrating, adapting her personal narrative for both film and radio, and how life itself can be just as performative as the characters we watch on the big screen.

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